Punk Music Causes Teenage Acne!!

It’s official…Punk Rawk causes pimples!

After 12 months of extensive research, noted dermatologist Dr. Clauses Capoura has discovered a provable link between prolonged exposure to punk music and unsightly skin acne.

Dr. Capoura tested 1,903 youths between the ages of 13 and 19. He divided them into 2 groups. Group one listened to no punk music at all for 6 months. Youths in group two were subjected to fours a day of the punk music of their choice.

Dr. Capoura was stunned with the findings! There was 84% more skin blemishes among the punk music listeners than among the non-listeners.

Doctors still disagree about why this is, but Dr. Capoura has his own theory. “I can’t substantiate it, but I believe I know the reason punk music causes acne pimples,” says Dr. Capoura. “Teens are prone to hormonal change. When they become excited these hormones act in a destructive way on their skin. The music releases these hormones.”

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