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Nathaniel G Moore

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Banana Magazine

With articles like ‘Yes I'm Korean. No I don't hit my girlfriend.' Banana Magazine is a sophisticated high-tech publication with a mission and medium that satis...
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Deleted Zines

In his January 6th blog update, former Verbicide Magazine columnist Mark Huddle wrote, "I loved writing for Verbicide. I am going to miss it. I've felt badly fo...

Fun or Else!

A chat with Portland's twee-pop quartet Together, Kathy Foster, Jen Sbragia, Kim Baxter and Ari Douangpanya make up the fun in Portland-based All Girl Summer...
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Deliberate distortion of the sense of a word. Think of Broken Pencil with slightly poorer paper quality. Then think of MaximummRocknRoll. Now stop thinking and ...
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"Photo Essay" is a nice piece in the middle. The middle stanza is the best. Read that. This is a poetry collection that sounds a lot like journalism broken up i...
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Backyard Ashes

Backyard Ashes is an earnest poetry and art magazine that isn't at all as bad as one would suspect from its title. I mean the title of the issue (Breaking the S...
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Ottawa has a lot of poets. I've decided to let you all know this. While Hail might be in the tradition of the great chapbook, its pithy layout — and dare I say ...
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Monster Island Three

I feel sorry for people who don't regress in progressive ways. They are not monsters and not interesting. One of my friends is obsessed with reliving his chi...

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