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Zine Awards Entries from June!

There are only 12 more days until the deadline to submit for the BP Zine Awards.

As the entries keep pouring in, take a look at some of the many zines that have already been submitted this month: from Edmonton, LA, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tampa, and more.

Hair – San Francisco, California

The American Indian Ready to Wear Catalog 2018 – North Hollywood, California

Old Haunts – Ridgewood, New York

The Story of the Orca’s Silver Tongue as Told by the Manager of the Only Taco Bell in Juno – Washington, DC

The Eyes of the Chest – Brooklyn, New York

Emotional Magazine – Stoney Creek, ON

When They Were Kind – Montreal, QC

Stew Brew #5 – Seattle, Washington

778 Days: Comix on Transmasculinity – Seattle, Washington

We are now an Eager Beaver !!! – Washington, DC

Mermaid Girl – Vancouver, BC

Spring Spit – Edmonton, Alberta

Reverse Flâneur – Portland, Oregon

Chizza # 1 – Evanston, Illinois

Rare & Unsual Rabbits: An Illustrated Pocket Guide – Toronto, Ontario

My Life as a Drawing – Toronto, ON

NōD Issue 23 – Calgary, Alberta

Restore Your Right to Vote! – Chattanoga, Tennessee

Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fanzine) aka the Ween Zine – Los Angeles, California

You still have time to submit to the Zine Awards and have the chance to win cash prizes! Enter the Zine Awards here, before time runs out.

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