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Enter the Zine Awards

Broken Pencil Magazine is excited to announce that we will once again be rewarding the best of the best in zine culture with the Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2019!
We are now accepting submissions from all over the world in search of the finest independently published zines, comics, and micro-journals.

DEADLINE: July 1, 2019

Win Cash, Profile and Excerpt in Broken Pencil and More!

The Zine Awards will be awarded live and in person at a ceremony held at The Canzine Festival of Zines and Underground Culture held annually in the Fall in Toronto.

Additionally, winners in each category will receive:

*The BP Zine Awards Trophy.
*$200 cash for each category winner. Best Overall Zine gets an additional $400.
*Stickers to put on their zine indicating they are a winner.
*Winners will also be profiled in Broken Pencil Magazine and on, along with excerpts from the winning zines. 
* Winners and nominees are sold on the BP store, included at special displays at zine fairs and stores, and presented at special displays at libraries.


We will be presenting awards for the following categories:

  • Political zine – zines dealing with issues of oppression, activism, organizing, political identity, intersectionality, feminism, anti-racism, queer struggles, political histories and resistance
  • Perzine diary zines, personal reflections & essays, thought bubbles, etc
  • Comic zine indie/underground comix, mini-comics, serial illustration
  • Art zine photography, silkscreeny/risographed/special printed zines that are not comics, photozines, design-oriented stuff, illustrations, photography, 3D and conceptual, low-fi artbooks etc
  • Compilation Zine a zine containing multiple pieces/texts by multiple authors around a specific topic
  • Literary zine – poems, stories, flash fiction, serializations, chapbooks, literary experiments, post-literature, text as art and all that stuff
  • Micro literary journal – literary journals (printed on a press) that publish fewer than 500 copies per issue
  • Fanzine – punk music, genre fanzines, pop culture zines, concert reviews, record reviews, tour diaries, anything music or entertainment focused!

    We wanted to acknowledge a range of zines while also comparing them to their peers, so we developed these categories. Of course, not all zines fit in categories smoothly — some might contain elements of more than one, and some might not fit any of these at all. When it comes time to submit, please pick the closest matching category you see!

    All publications entered should be made in the following time period: April 2018 to July 2019. We accept entries from anywhere in the world, but non-English language publications should be accompanied by translation so our judges can fully evaluate them. Otherwise, we’ll do our best!

    Submission Fees

    You can submit up to three zines made between April 2018 and July 2019. The first zine submitted has an entry fee of $25. This includes a 1-year subscription to Broken Pencil magazine worth $32! (Overseas entries will receive the digital edition of Broken Pencil due to the high cost of mailing.)~ Got more than one zine? You can also add second and third submissions for $10 each. There’s a maximum of three zines per person.~ Existing Broken Pencil Members submit their first zine for $14 and get their second and third submission FREE!~ If the price of entry is a barrier for you, please contact about accessing a sliding scale or waived entry fee.


    Submit through Submittable now!

    Any questions or concerns can be directed to

    Help Promote the Zine Awards!

    Download the poster image or postcard image to share! If you’d like a stack of postcards for your zine library, zine fair, small press shop or other establishments, email and we’ll coordinate to get you some.

    Zine Awards artwork by Rebecca Kirby 

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