Call for Submissions: Social Justice and Human Rights Manuscripts for ‘Lorimer’

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About: ‘Let’s get kids reading!’ was the simple idea that got James Lorimer & Company into children’s publishing back in 1975. Today, with over 500 children’s books now in print, they proudly continue on their mission to find and publish Canadian authors who speak to a distinctly Canadian youth audience.

One of their top priorities is to publish books that deal with contemporary social issues in a way that engages kids and teens who may not yet have discovered the joys of reading. They want to grab the attention of young readers with books that connect to the things they care about; they want them to discover the fun in reading about kids like themselves, who live in communities just like theirs.

Submissions: James Lorimer & Company is seeking manuscripts for its children’s and teens’ imprint.

We are looking for fiction, non-fiction and graphic novel manuscripts by Canadian creators. The goal of our publishing program is to provide engaging, accessible books for young people that address social-justice and human-rights issues as they uniquely affect Canadian society or individual Canadians. We aim to reflect a diverse range of cultural, regional and socio-economic experiences and issues in the books we publish. Recent publishing success include our collection of LGBTQ+ romances for teens (Real Love series), a non-fiction series on young people who have been wrongfully convicted (Real Justice series), and Indigenous titles, such as the graphic novel If I Go Missing and the young adult novel The Missing.

Submissions must include:

  • A cover letter
  • A short biography outlining your past writing experience and qualifications
  • A plot summary or outline
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline
  • 3–4 sample chapters or a complete manuscript

Pay: N/A

Deadline: Submit to [email protected]. Click HERE for more info on submission details.

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