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About: SPACEONSPACE MAGAZINE is a quarterly print magazine about land, power, and art. We make space for power re-disruption, soil cultivation, healing, resource sharing, and art-making. We gonna start the revolution.

Submissions: Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to submit. The artwork is collected on a rolling basis.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Submit your work here by October 1 at 12 am PST.


Tea Base

image credit// @tea.base on Instagram

About: Tea Base is sort of a tea shop, sort of an office, sort of a garden club, sort of a venue, sort of a Mahjong hall, sort of a library, but we’re mostly a living room! We carry local magazines/literature, local art, and Tea Base merchandise. You don’t have to buy anything to feel like you can exist in our space. Wholesome person-to-person conversation is enough!

Submissions: We are looking for pixel art responding to your vision of community organizing. It may be something harkening back to previous times, something affected by the pandemic, or a future-oriented illustration. Please give us a 100-word text pitch of your idea with links to previous work or your online portfolio.

Pay: There will be a $250 honorarium for each illustration.

Deadlines: Send this to [email protected] with the subject line “VR TEA BASE: ART.” by October 1, 2020





Say It In Color

image credit// @sayitincolorzine on Instagram

About: Say It In Color is a youth-led online magazine that aims to amplify the voices of people of color. We publish fiction, nonfiction and visual art pieces that explore race, cultural identity and contemporary racial issues. ​In our current climate, it has never been more important to break the silence. This magazine was created so that creatives from all around the world can turn up the volume!

Submission: The theme is race/cultural identity, racial discrimination, etc. We accept:

  • Fiction – poetry, short story, flash fiction, plays, etc.​
  • Non fiction – articles, op-eds, etc.​
  • Visual art – paintings, collages, photography, short film, etc.​
  • Pitches for Instagram posts. Please submit a short (less than 100 words) summary of your idea

BIPOC creatives are given priority.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Send to [email protected] with a brief bio written in the third person.


The Quilliad

About: The Quilliad is a small press publishing company based in Toronto, Ontario. We publish emerging and established writers and artists in our pages, and we welcome submissions from all Canadians, including POC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and disabled creators.

Submissions: The Quilliad is officially open for submissions from Canadian writers and artists! We’re looking for work that engages with the weird; that includes magic realism, literary science fiction, apocalyptic stories and poetry, retold/re-imagined fairy tales/folklore/myths, horror, and other spooky, speculative, dark, and macabre work. Send us your poems (up to 5), flash fiction (up to 5 pieces), short fiction (up to 2,500 words preferably), visual art, and photography. Writing should be in .doc or .docx format.

Pay: $13 per contributor.

Deadline: Submit your work to [email protected] by September 30.


Storied Stitches

image credit// @storiedstitches on Instagram

About: Storied Stitches is a knitting and stitching zine about the empowering and radical nature of stitching. This zine is a non-commercial, DIY, people-powered publication focused on celebrating our creations, and who we are as crafters.

Submission: A submission can be pictures, illustrations, patterns, stories, and poetry of and about your knitting, crochet, felting, embroidery, and sewing, or anything fiber related. Include the name you would like printed on the zine and as well as any social media handles you would like included.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Send us your submission to [email protected] by October 10.





The Dilettante

image credit// @dilettantezine on Instagram

About: The Dilettante is a print and digital publication for young creatives. We cover topics such as music, poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction, and photography.

Submission: The Dilettante accepts all forms of art and creations.  This primarily includes written works (e.g. poetry, short stories, op-eds) and visual works (e.g. photography, illustrations), but we encourage any type of art that is capable of being physically/digitally published.

All written submissions should be sent as a Google document. The text should be single-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.  When submitting your Google doc, editing permissions should be granted to [email protected].

All visual submissions (e.g. photography, illustrations) should be emailed to [email protected].  Illustrations should be submitted as a high-quality scan.  All images should be 300 PPI if possible.  JPEGs are preferred.  If you have difficulty sending an image via email because of file size, you can use

For all submissions, please include:

  • Title of the piece
  • Contributor name (or specify if you wish to remain anonymous)

Submission deadlines and details (i.e. theme information) for print editions will be distributed to the contributor list via email approximately two months before publication. Individuals can request to be added to the contributor list on our website (

Pitches should be submitted via Google form, a link to which will be included in the contributor email blast.

Pay: All content is unpaid.

Deadlines: Submissions due October 18. Submit via email to [email protected]