Canzine Vendor Q&A: Ghost Cats

Vendor Q&A: Ghost Cats

Who are you? Why are you coming to Canzine?

We are Ghost Cats.  We’re coming to Canzine to spread the word about our two favourite things: ghosts and cats! And if we happen to get a few converts – uh, fans, along the way, that’s fine with us! We even have a fun youtube channel where we interview each other and put up goofy Ghost Cats promotional videos.

Have you been before? If so, what’s your fondest Canzine memory?

This year will be our fourth at Canzine Toronto and Vancouver! Our favourite Canzine memory would be our first Vancouver table when both of us (Arinn and Brian) were able to attend. We made new friends and had a great time. It was such a fun experience having people see us and ask as their eyes lit up, “what’s Ghost Cats??”

Why do you create?

We create to tell stories, to connect with others, and because it’s fun!


Catch Ghost Cats at Canzine Toronto and Vancouver!