Canzine Vendor Spotlight: PRUDEmag

Canzine 2023 is only days away! We’re counting down to the biggest zine event of the year with spotlights on some of the vendors, zinesters and artists in attendance. For this edition, meet PRUDEmag.

Twoey Gray and Rea Sweets co-edit PRUDEmag, Toronto’s inclusive, sex-positive abstinence zine “for spinsters, asexuals, relationship anarchists, and all others rejecting sex-necessariam.”

The PRUDEmag team is excited to debut their second issue at Canzine 2023. For this run, they’re exploring crip intimacy, Islamic celibacy, the experiences of aroace model Yasmin Benoit, and more. They’ll also be debuting some Canzine-exclusive buttons:

I’m not asexual but I believe in their beliefs
Failed slut, zero hoes to speak of
Prude-slut solidarity

Twoey and Rea also look forward to reuniting with some of their fellow prudes at Canzine: “Paterson, Xiao Xiao Lee, and Jenn Woodall have all contributed to PRUDEmag, and Rabeea Syed was our graphic designer for Issue 1. We know Paterson will be selling these killer prints that say “I was always a late bloomer,” and Rabeea has some phenomenal zines visiblizing hijabi experiences of “otherness.” It’s essential to see art that challenges the shame of being labelled a “prude.” Poking fun, sounding off, and making our own rules are all ways we reclaim “prude” from the pejorative and celebrate prude pride.”

Find PRUDEmag at the Canzine Festival of Zines and Underground Press this Sunday, October 22nd in Toronto at the Cecil Community Centre from 10AM – 5PM. You can find out more information about vendors and programming at our official Canzine hub.

With thanks to our amazing Canzine sponsors: Seneca Polytechnic and Drawn Together!