Beauty is in the Street

In terms of aesthetics, M.C. Neeb’s new release straddles the border between high- and low-quality publishing. It’s a slim volume […]

Ba’al-Zebub’s Birthday

Yellow paper is a perfect choice for an illustrated litzine about a giant fly in a suit talking to a […]


In apartments, Aaron Tucker draws us into the construction and deconstruction of sentence, structure and relationship, and the pulsing of […]

Tragic Relief: Revenge!

Revenge! is a swift, violent tale which involves a femme fatale, a man and a shark. Over the eight largely […]


Here you will find 15 drawings of ugly birds. What more can I say? This black-and-white quarter-page artzine features drawings […]

Ted Bear in Bare Season

It’s hard not to feel bad for poor Ted Bear. From a tragic childhood, to a shitty adolescence and an […]


The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) was started by renowned alternative cartoonist James Sturm and Michelle Ollie in 2004 and […]

The Royal Historian of Oz

The search for the Emerald city never ends, even in a post-2050 world, the setting of The Royal Historian of […]

Reddy 4 Danger

This is an odd, short minicomic zine. I fear the use of corrugated cardboard for the cover is the most […]

G20: A Love (and Rage) Story

G20 is a well-drawn comic zine about falling in like with a fellow protester at the G20 summit in Toronto. […]

Frequently Asked Question about Threesome

Frequently Asked Questions about Threesome is very brief, featuring a conversation between two girls and one guy. The conversation is […]