The Unquotable Trump book is unbelievably unforgettable

Getting Out of Hope is a rare gem of a comic that should not be missed

When the Party’s Over brings out the whimsical…and the dark

The five artists in Wavering Line #3 comic are wholly unique

(Tr)eat Yo Self will discover a clever comic that reflects the current state of our neoliberal gig economy

Trade Comics makes light of a woman’s experiences in male-run society

Total Trash #9 comic is anything but its namesake, and is a complete hoot

Total Blast #6: Thrashoholics in Suburbia comic is a helluva lotta fun!

Read Moon Cup Made Of Bakelite comic if you need an awakening

Milkweed #3 is defined by the fun and the philosophical

Kearley leaves you wanting more in the Drown These Evil Spirits and Penetrate the Obstacles comic zine

C’est du Joli! artzine is fused with the unknown

Microzine of Microagressions is dedicated to free speech and bad-ass woman

Respite takes us to the mental, physical, and spiritual

Collage has few rules and infinite possibilities in One Thing Leads to Another: An Essay on Collage litzine

Highlights from One Plus One Equals Window

Bun’s Rainyman is an ode to instability

JJ Chau’s (Sometimes) You’r Just Okay is the journey we needed to hear about

The Customer is Always Wrong comic is cinematically unbelievable

Pick up Dum Ditty Dum #2: March 24,1987 if you’re ready to rock

Dear Journal #3 speaks up, but never speaks for, its readers

Explosive Comic is literally a comic about explosions (and we love it)

Delve into Virginity: A Toxic Concept

Issue #78

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