featuring our annual BP Indie Book Picks

image from Helem by Stanley Wany, BP Indie Book Pick.


I Am Not Lonely for I Have a Television

Mythic Explores the Beauty of Feminist Anger

Explore traditional relationships through a queer lens with ‘Range’

Folio: Familiarity and Form with Maya Beverly

‘Body of Water’ Makes You Appreciate the Beauty of Being in a Human Body

Anxiety Dreams and Twin Peaks in ‘Quarantine Comix’

Meet the trepidatious and curious Stardog!

Beautiful comics remastered for the modern age in ‘Words Plural’

Like most good punk, ‘Pink Punk’ is brief and to the point!

‘Not My Small Diary #20: The Power of Music’ is relatable and charming in its own way

A collection of sorts from a self-taught Floridian in ‘New Genre’

‘Metamorphoses’ has an unavoidable punch of feminist anger

‘Forever and Everything’ is the quintessential autobiographical indie comic

I Discover the Weight of My Tongue

‘Sad House’ is a touching zine on how one family persevered in difficult times

‘Schlocktagon #1’ is perfect for connoisseurs of trash action cinema

‘The Peace Formula’ asks, is spiritual awareness the formula for peace after all?

Reviving Cuban anarchist publishing

Zine fests put to the test!

Johnny Gamber’s ‘Penpalling’ is punchy, accessible and adorable

The consequences of creative bravery in ‘Manifest (zine)’

Find comfort and connection with ‘Endometri, O Sis!’

The ups and downs in the plague year in ‘Start Over: A Year’s End Zine’

Early 90s Drunken Adventures in ‘Gray Flag #2’

RIP Eric Carle by Mara Ramirez

‘Driving Around: A Pandemic Journal’ captures the eerie ambiance of a pandemic vacation

Deep anime classics, off-beat Hollywood dramas, and Hong Kong action flicks in ‘Drifting Cry Room #51’

Photophobia by Victor Martins

Babcia by Marta Chudolinska

Whites only by Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom

The ever-popular ritual of grieving through television marathons by The Depressed Waitress

‘The Analog Sea Bulletin’ supports the human right to disconnect