The ups and downs in the plague year in ‘Start Over: A Year’s End Zine’

Start Over: A Year’s End Zine

Perzine/Artzine, Fawndolyn, 32 pgs,, $5

The isolation of the pandemic has helped me rekindle my love of snail mail correspondence. Now, I look forward to checking my mailbox for news about how friends near and far are doing in these difficult times. Much like a well-crafted letter, Fawndolyn’s Start Over: A Year’s End Zine is carefully written and collected, reflecting on the ups and downs of one person’s life during the unforgettable year that was 2020.

Creator Fawndolyn, I gather, is a prolific artist who regularly puts out comics as well as text-heavy zines under the umbrella series name I Forgot What I Organized. Start Over recounts the author’s activities, ways in which she coped with the pandemic, and other adventures. This full-colour zine finishes with a section of her beautiful artwork.

Perhaps my only criticism was that I sometimes didn’t know who she was speaking of, or in what context, as she writes as if the reader has read all her previous issues (or knows her very well.) Still, a great intro to a talented writer and artist’s work.