Issue 99


One Day We Will All Die. Who’ll Make Comics Then? David Galliquio and Comix in Unpredictable Peru.

"People thought I was a degenerate, I did what I did only because the one underground rule was that there were no rules." How the perilous, conservative rulership of Peru shaped its counterculture.

Walking Tall: Boots Riley on the Utility of Absurd Art

“What I want to do is use this exaggeration to point out contradictions and to point out ironies and skip over large swaths of theory and just smack it in your face. That’s the usefulness to me.” The activist, musician and director tells us how to speak to a world that's gotten strange.

NOW What: Is There A Future for the Alt-Weekly?

The loss of local voices goes beyond arts scenes and progressive op-eds as trusted legacy publications become propaganda for your city's worst actors.

Review: Contagious Imagination: The Work and Art of Lynda Barry

Contagious Imagination contains a collection of rigorously researched essays and artistic texts that reify Lynda Barry’s teachings. Like Barry’s own idiosyncratic work, it touches on memory, relationships and the everyday.

Folio: Catalina Cheng on Ceramics and Preservation of Queer Art History

Folio asks artists and curators to gather works made with unexpected materials and adapt them for the printed page. In this issue we speak with Catalina Cheng, whose work in ceramics bridges familiar traditions, radiant pride and honouring the queer artists erased by history.

Stop Saying I Look Like The Zinester American Girl Doll!

Jenn Woodall has had it up TO HERE with these cherubic luxury nostalgia-baiting mall dolls being passed off as DIY 'girl power.'

Review: On Writing and Failure

Orwell, Joyce and Austin could barely get jobs, never mind publishing deals. Stephen Marche asks: “Why would it be any different for you?”

Review: Literal Bimbos

With its glut of glittery, girly stickers, fire photography, takedowns of Pretty Women and useful relationship advice, Literal Bimbos, a litzine created by sex workers, is a work of art.

REVIEW: like every pillow flung off the bed

Reading these poems feels like running laps in the author’s head. The external world has fallen away and we’re along for a destructive ride through the stages of breakup.

Toronto Zine Library Reopens

“To me the space is important as an example of creativity, community and solidarity coming together without commercial expectations.”