“Awesome Possum Vol. 4” provides an educational experience about these adorably scary marsupials


Awesome Possum Vol. 4

Angela Boyle, 220 pgs, Flying Dodo Publications, flyingdodopublications.com, $25

It is a known fact that possums truly are awesome. Thus, the title of this anthology immediately stood out to me. The book is a wonderful black and white collection of biology and wildlife-themed comics meant for all ages, featuring a diverse selection of art styles ranging from lush, detailed realism to simple linework.

Overall, I really enjoyed AwesomePossum Vol. 4, despite the fact that a few of the stories are on the dry and academic side, resembling illustrated textbook pages more than comics. My own preferences lean towards the strips that mention the creator’s personal experiences or include some humour, such as the “Lemur Family Reunion” in Moss Bastille’s story. The little possum drawings sprinkled throughout are a delightful addition, particularly the ones where they take on human characteristics.

This book makes for an effective educational resource, especially for a younger crowd. Many of the strips focus on obscure creatures or present bizarre and little-known facts not usually taught in the classroom. For example, were you aware that “chickens can do basic math such as addition and subtraction”?

Awesome Possum’s full-colour cover depicts an adorable possum family, drawn by Tillie Walden and Angela Boyle. It makes me wish the interior art was also in colour. In any case, I was entertained and educated by this book, and recommend it to anyone with an interest in the natural world. Now, to track down the earlier volumes!