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Presenting 12 Zine-Making Machines: In case you missed the news on our Facebook, all the zines that were made last weekend at the Nuit Blanche/Madeline Collective’s 12 Hr Zine Machine event are now online. Musical skulls! Bro blogs! Banana love! Cats being freaks! So many things for you to stare at and enjoy, and all made in one hour by a kaleidoscope of talented indie creators. Congrats to all the participants and organizers for putting on a terrific event.

How To Make A Zine: This is pretty cool: Pittsburgh-based cartoonist Jim Rugg has broken down the zine-making process one step at a time in this blog entry, detailing how he came up with an idea, sources of inspiration, how he researched the zine, finding the right type of paper, wrangling with printers, figuring out layout, and so on. I particularly like his suggestion to “find someone who knows more than you and ask them questions” – pretty good advice when you’re learning any new skill, I reckon! You can also check out Jim’s finished zine at the end of the blog. All in all, it’s a pretty comprehensive journey into the weird and wonderful brain of a zine-maker.

Deeper Magic From The Dawn of Time: Invisible Publishing’s Robbie MacGregor has recorded an intriguing lecture (originally presented at Halifax’s Fuller Terrace Lecture Series) about the importance of understanding how things work – specifically, how the technology we use every day works – and how it brings us closer to information literacy. The lecture touches on notions of magic, an important moment in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, an explanation of how piracy works, video clips illustrating key points in the lecture, and a brief introduction of some key thinkers in this realm. Watch and squeeze a little bit of extra thinking into your lazy Friday brain.

Happy Turkey Weekend: In honour of this impending long weekend filled with birds, dopamine and relatives, here’s a bunch of crocheted turkeys. Some are quite impressive! Some are just weird. Happy Holidaze!


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