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This weekend’s looking mighty fine, readers. Symposium AND Canzine? It’s like Nirvana broke into Valhalla and partied with Elysium. Total indie paradise imminent. Here are a few things we found on the internet that’ll tide you over until then. – This the greatest site. The internet is over, everybody go home.

Fear Of A Punk Decade’s Zine Post – A.V. Club writer Jason Heller has been looking back at the punk movement in the nineties. His recent post explores the transformative power zines had in punk social networks. Heller forsakes a rose-tinted view when he explains how punk zines could also be problematic and just plain cruddy, but does commend the messy, raw medium that served a great way to communicate (especially the niches in punk like vegans and women) and held the same irreverent spirit as the punk movement.

The Witch’s House – This game made in RPG Maker is pretty terrifying. You play as Viola, a young girl who stumbles into the nightmarish abode of a witch. The plot twists in this game will make you want to huddle in a sobbing mess after, mumbling “What have I done?” endlessly.

The Bread’s Song – I’ve never come across a graphic novel like this before. Writer Katya Apekina’s The Bread Song for Better Magazine immerses you in her story with illustrations that speak to you when you hover over them. The soundbites of yawns and screams and chattering teeth really enhance Apekina’s voice throughout the piece.

Adam Shultz’s Goddess series –The glorious plus-sized sculpted deities in Shultz’s series make no qualms of their divinity. These bronze women stand proudly, lounge gloriously.