Get faced with a couple heavy questions in ‘How Are You?’

How Are You?

Comic, nati romero, 8 pgs,

Isn’t it just the most complicated question some days? The question that you tend to autoreply with “Good! How are you?” despite the knowledge that we are, in fact, rarely doing so well, and if we aren’t, we never say otherwise. Nati Romero’s minicomic centers around a couple heavy questions and provides a bunch of answers. Each page features the outline of a house and contains different people occupying that space. There’s people stressing out, people lying in beds, people showering, cooking and sharing space in different ways. Romero’s style is dramatic and fun, giving each character a different personality.

The zine is printed on a glossy soft pink page with the consistent background of little house outlines that join together to make a cityscape. The only colours are black, white, and various tones of pink, and it really shows the versatility of a single colour. Romero has created a beautiful zine with a lovely little world contained inside. I’m sure anyone who reads it will find a character they relate to. My personal favourite is the woman on the left centrefold whose body has become a maze as she worries about all the things she has to do. As a chronic overcommitter, it’s a feeling I’m often familiar with. Be sure to grab a copy to find your comic match.