Here’s Juror Number Two in the 2022 Zine Awards!

Do you hear that wonderful sound? That harmonious noise? Why, that must be the 2022 Broken Pencil Zine Awards… and it’s approaching FAST!

Since 2017 we have been celebrating the best of zines, across all genres, subjects and paper stock with our Zine Awards. From comics to fanzines, to poetry, to politics. To all independently made works that blur the lines. Every zine is in consideration for this uncanny honour. Zines have already begun pouring in for this heated competition, but there’s still plenty of time to contribute your zine! We are accepting zines by mail or electronically until July 30th. For more details visit our submission page!

And who will be deciding which zines take the top spot? Every year we assemble some of the smartest, craftiest artists, writers and zinesters to make the important deliberations. So why keep you guessing? We recently revealed our first juror for the Zine Awards, Ana Valens, and are excited to keep the party going. For our second juror, who better than the zinester taking TikTok by storm: Bre “brattyxbre” Upton!

Bre is a Black and Polynesian (Hawaiian and Samoan) freelance artist living in Long Beach, CA. Mostly known for her zines, Bre is also a ¬†freelance copywriter and earned her B.A. in English, Creative Writing from CSULB (2019). You can find Bre’s immensely popular zine tutorials on TikTok.

We will be continuing to reveal this year’s panel of judges as we get closer to the big event. Make sure to check here for updates, or sign up for our newsletter, to see all latest Zine Awards news!