‘Middle Classical Musings’ zine is masterfully irreverent

Middle Classical Musings

Artzine, The Black Line Master, 8 pgs

Middle Class Musings is basically six tweets in a zine. But that’s what I love about zines. You can get your ideas out there through social media, but so much of it is unhealthily linked to your ego. While some people tweet without hope or care for likes as validation, most people cannot. Zines offer something different.

The Black Line Master (whoever they are) put six thoughts into a zine and sent it out into the universe. TBLM is a baller who gives zero fucks whether you read their zine or not. There is no contact info and they have zero internet presence. Nothing comes up when you search for this zine. Nothing.

These musings are accompanied by doodles that are pretty fun to look at. If you unfold the zine, it becomes a poster.

Usually I wouldn’t quote such a short zine, but there is literally no way you can get a hold of this zine unless it is given to you. My favourite musing says, “Made a deal with Jesus. I lost the ability to use a knife and fork but now I can play the drums.” It made me laugh so hard I woke my sleeping wife.

The Black Line Master is truly a master. (dustan j. hlady)