WTFilm Festival is Coming to Canzine

Canzine is proud to partner with the Laser Blast Film Society for this virtual edition of the What the Film Festival…

La Canzine des Weirdo-Auteurs!

The sixth edition of the WTFilm Fest was supposed to be held in April 2020, but was cancelled due to COVID-19. This weekend-long series will feature some of the festival’s previously-planned programming peculiarities, as well as other indie and offbeat productions that intersect with definitions of both genre and avant-garde cinema and operate outside the traditional parameters of taste and convention. 

All screenings are free at Virtual Canzine, Oct. 24-26 at


Cowboy Who?: The Disappearance of Cowboy Pat

Created by Jeff Green, Mike Cormier and Robert Eastland
Runtime: 93 min
Country: Canada

“A kid’s show made by adults who would really rather be doing an adult show.” – the creators of COWBOY WHO?

The first and second season of the cult Canadian television series COWBOY WHO? compressed to a feature-length epic of comedy, mystery, intrigue and melt-age. What first appears as conventional children’s television quickly mutates into a dizzying array of surrealist sketch comedy, experimental video-art, and biting media satire, proceeding as if Douglas Adams, Mark Frost and The Kids in the Hall were showrunning WONDER SHOWZEN with the resourcefulness of Mystery Science Theatre’s 3000’s KMTA years.



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 @ Vice Village

 8:00 PM ET

Dir. Ramin Farenheit
Runtime: 88 min
Country: Canada

“Killer Queen weaves a special spell that lingers.” – Teresa Nieman, Screen Anarchy

A disturbed woman (Fatima Maziani) is discharged from a mental hospital and soon finds herself plotting a robbery with her enigmatic drug dealer in this gorgeously grimey 8mm psychodrama.


10:00 PM ET

Dir. Jay Burleson
Runtime: 86 min
Country: USA

“Jay Burleson has somehow accomplished through gutter filmmaking in direct opposition to the typical arrogant lecturing of big-budget Hollywood… [a film that] proves to be fun, entertaining and relevant.” – Chuck Foster, Film Threat

An aesthetically flawless pastiche of regional shot-on-video horror that simultaneously documents the tragic suicide of the filmmakers who created it.



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 @ Vice Village

8:00 PM
Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You! (2011)

Dir. Charles Roxburgh
Runtime: 99 min
Country: USA

“Much like how Waters’s early career had its Pink Flamingos, though, Motern Media does have its own calling card picture that serves as a gateway to understanding his brand of lovably wholesome amateurism: 2012’s Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!.” – Brandon Ledet, SwampFlix

A disgraced tutor / rock ‘n’ roller who returns to his sleepy New England town in an effort to prove the existence of a local aquatic menace and also win back the heart of his ex-fiancée. A comic masterpiece from legendary singer-songwriter Matt Farley and director Charles Roxburgh.


10:00 PM ET
Vapor Mario (2020)

Dir. Racer Trash
Runtime: 84 min
Country: CANADA

Co-presented with THE HAND-EYE SOCIETY.

Racer Trash’s delirious reinterpretation of Hollywood infamous adaptation of the iconic video game Super Mario Bros. Born out of the pandemic, Racer Trash is a freeform collective of editors who brilliantly remix media through a critical and aesthetic lens inspired by vaporwave and mashup culture.




8:00 PM ET
Open Doom Crescendo (2020)

Dir. Terry Chiu
Runtime: 42 min
Country: Canada

A follow up to his slack anti-coming of age story MANGOSHAKE, Terry Chiu, latest is a poetic post-apocalyptic existential extravaganza of low-fi anime-inspired action and aesthetic anarchy. In this first installment, the most hideous being in the universe searches for intimacy while enlightenment-seeking gangs wage war on each other in a rocky terrestrial void.