Drop-in Workshop: You Are Herod – Make Your Own Religious Tract!

Come hang with Richard Kelly Kemick at Canzine Vancouver!

Richard Kelly Kemick (I Am Herod) invites participants to drop by and make their own religious tract! Using prompts based on his time performing in North America’s largest dramatic recreation of the fall and rise of Christ – The Canadian Badlands Passion Play – Kemick invites all comers to create their own religious tract. Attract followers and converts! All and every denomination, belief system or lack thereof welcome! Drop by, make a tract, take a tract, leave a tract! For all ages! Signed books by the author available at the event. Presented with Goose Lane Editions, Canada’s oldest independent publisher.

Richard Kelly Kemick is the recipient of numerous awards, including two National Magazine Awards and the Norma Epstein Award. His debut poetry collection, Caribou Run, was published to critical acclaim in 2016. His writing has appeared in the Walrus, The New Quarterly, This Magazine, Numero Cinq, and Taddle Creek. I Am Herod is his debut nonfiction book.

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