Punk rock music zines are too often lacking on substance. It is hard to take bands and personalities you’ve read or heard about a million times and make them sound fresh and interesting, but Armen and the small team at the new Ache fanzine do just that. This was a pleasant surprise and a great read. From the fascinating interview with punk rock photographer Glen E. Friedman to the elusive Computer Cougar to the avant jazz drummer Whit Dickey to the Christian sounds of Soul Junk, Ache never sells its subjects short and doesn’t go for the standard easy interview. And those are just some of the highlights. With the right pushes in the right directions this could easily become the Punk Planet of Canada. Excellent all around. I can’t wait for the next one. (KJ)

zine, #2, 40 pages, $3, Armen Svadjian (Ed.), 167 Cortleigh Boulevard, Toronto, ON, M5N 1P6, [email protected]


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