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Seth’s Dominion

Luc Chamberland and Seth, 80 pgs, Drawn & Quarterly,, $32.95

For both casual readers and longtime fans alike, however, Seth’s Dominion should be required viewing. The recent documentary, directed by Luc Chamberland in association with the National Film Board, is stunning. The film comes packaged in the middle of a double-spined hardcover that alone is worth the price — with one half providing a lushly reproduced overview of Seth’s artistic oeuvre, and the other an illuminating photographic tour through the life that has long informed the cartoonist’s work.

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The documentary itself, meanwhile, is a sparkling tour of the life of an iconic Canadian artist. While Seth’s work is well worth the attention paid to it, Seth himself is a fascinating subject, and Chamberland masterfully weaves interviews, personal history, and animated vignettes together into a gorgeous portrait of the artist’s life. As a longtime fan myself, I was worried the documentary would not be as interesting to those who weren’t familiar with Seth, but a viewing with a friend confirmed that there is plenty to be had here for just about anyone. Whether you’re a fan of cartooning, Canadiana, or just find yourself fascinated by the artistic process, Seth’s Dominion comes highly recommended. (Kris Bone)

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