One Dollar Photography

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One Dollar Photography

So you know how everyone knows that Chuck Palahniuk is gay? And everyone is either stoked or confused and either way all the hardcore boys tell you about how Fight Club is their favourite novel because it’s so gut wrenching, and you-really-gotta-read-the-bookits-so-much-better-than-the-movie? Okay, well, maybe not.

Either way, One Dollar Pornography reminds me of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. If it were a mini zine. And super sexual. Basically it rules.

I felt a little bit embarrassed to be reading it on the bus, which was perfect. The author shares all the secrets about masturbating in public washrooms I was always too afraid to ask my guy friends about. He also goes into detail about the zine’s namesake, one dollar porn DVD’s in a discount bin in plain sight at a DVD store. What fun. (Samantha Trees)

Queer zine/Litzine, [email protected]