Review: Rose Riot Volume 1: Pride

Rose Riot Volume 1: Pride
Zine, Edited by Jovie, 23 pgs,, Free

Rose Riot is a fashion and activism zine founded in Portland, Oregon that is created by and for kids. The zine features submissions from young readers and promotes a positive and inclusive maker culture.

Rose Riot was created to challenge the frustration we have felt towards magazines who pay a lack of attention towards younger readers and promote harmful (and unobtainable) beauty standards ideals,” reads the zine. “Our hope is for Rose Riot to showcase and celebrate all forms of natural beauty. Our values are rooted in radical body positivity, non-traditional fashion expression, and embracing our so-called “imperfections” that make us all uniquely beautiful.”

This volume, Pride, spotlights a spectrum of LGBTQ2S+ themed artwork and creators. The issue kicks off with an in-depth interview with crochet artist Marsha-Rose who explains what it’s like to run her commission-based crochet and jewellery-making business off Instagram. There’s a showcase of young artists throughout. The closing article is a guide for crystals, complete with an engaging combination of descriptions and imagery.

The voice and inclusivity of Rose Riot feels particularly authentic and meaningful, especially coming from a young creator. The overall design of the zine is consistent and professional.