Searching for Delicious

Hefty and interesting as usual. There are long essays by contributors on a range of topics – an evening in Aix-en-Province, lap-dancing in New York, and a piece about on that moment when you first feel like you don’t quite fit in to your family anymore. In the middle and as a bit of a relief from all the dense text, there’s a long comic about the mystery of a skull washed up on the beach that features some great characters who I imagine really live on Denman Island. As always, cut and paste featuring various evil political types of the Tory persuasion and corporate loser of the issue is the Bank of Moron seen here with signs that ask the musical question “can a bank have sex?” An all ages zine anyway.

zine / summer 1996 / 38 pages / HomeHome Publishing / Kris Vester / $1 plus $1 in stamps, colour cover $1.50 plus $1.50 / 1413 Center Street South, Calgary, AB, T2G 2E5

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