Take a look at Virginity: A Toxic Concept zine if you need a quick reminder

Virginity: A Toxic Concept

zine, Marlene Núñez, marlene-nunez.com

This spiral bound zine is a reference guide with 14 easy-to-understand reasons why virginity is Not A Thing. That’s literally it. Black text on white paper, simple statements no more than one or two sentences long, each of them numbered. They touch on the way in which virginity has no biological foundation, how western legal traditions treated rape as a property crime rather than a type of assault until pretty recently (i.e.: victims are literally “damaged goods”), and how our cultural emphasis on penis-in-vagina sex erases queer and trans experiences. If you are reading this, these concepts are likely not new to you. However, if you are like me and get easily flustered when confronted by someone who insists that not only is virginity A Thing, but also An Important Thing, this zine would be handy to have in your back pocket for when rage makes it so your brain can’t make its own words anymore.