Tales of Mere Existence 3 – The 7 Habits of Highly Negative People

The 7 Habits of Highly Negative People is a black and white 28-page comic that features an ordinary, well rounded character with cool hair who goes around being down on himself and worrying about what everyone else is thinking and doing. Most of the comics such as “What I was thinking on my birthday” and “I’ll bet that guy…” are examples of this. However, once in a while Lev does stray into his imagination: “All I ever wanted to be was the guys from Animal House all rolled into one.” Or he takes a well deserved stab at others. “What the guy at the swimming pool is thinking” is a satisfing punch at a creepy old man whose good shape is forced in the faces of others at the public pool and “What’s at the movies this weekend?” is a page of phony movie posters and their synopses sarcastically immitating the recycled bile that is actually in theatres. These comics really only cement the reasons that our crazy haired friend is so cynical. The DVD has 10 still-frame animations narrated by the author while finishing touches are added to each drawing. Again they’re stories of misunderstandings, bad days and generally just trying to figure out life. Personally I love the whole package. It’s negativity is so playful, how can you not laugh? (Robert Lines)

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