A Consuming Passion: Can We Consume Ethically?

A Consuming Passion

Zine, Jennie Robertson, 28 pgs,
etsy.com/shop/SelkiePubZines, $6.66

“My story is messy and imperfect; some of my choices are better than others,” Jennie Robertson states in the opening of A Consuming Passion’s debut issue, subtitled Manifesto. I think many of us feel the same way. But what do we do about it? This zine focuses on the explicit pursuit of better, sustainable choices, taking an honest look at the circumstances that influences the author’s ability to follow through on the “best” calls they’ve made. Intended as the first volume of a series, Manifesto focuses on outlining the reasons why Robertson has chosen to pursue investigating more sustainable avenues. Robertson has clearly done their reading, and a provides well-considered examination of many avenues of consumerism, including grocery shopping, fast fashion, and other lifestyle choices. I really appreciated Robertson’s influences, such as stories of their grandmother and references to people in their community; as a Mainer myself, I could see my own values and interests reflected in the writing. Robertson does lean a little too hard into apologia for their advice and observations, though, both for expecting too much and for not doing enough. The subject of this zine is clearly expressed from the outset, so it’s safe to assume readers are already onboard for the general premise. That said, I appreciated the disclaimer at the beginning where they recognize that not everyone has the capacity and resources to make the same choices, and the inclusion of cost (money and time) in their consideration of different options throughout the zine. In keeping with the ethos of the creator, this zine is available, not only in print, but digitally through Etsy, as well as on a sliding scale through Ko-Fi. I’m really looking forward to following the next issues to get more tips from Robertson’s thorough research and Yankee thrifts.