Four Flux Fest Events: Fluxzine Number 2

Fluxus was (and, arguably, is still) a DIY form of art making that involved using found objects, images and sounds to create new works. Fluxzine number two takes up this philosophy and challenges readers to create following four exercises that are “easy to perform but essentially zany FLUX actions for individuals or small groups — perhaps leading to some form of illumination or at least a bit of fun.” While the exercises pay homage to Yoko Ono’s “Grapefruit” and other Fluxus instructions, Fluxzine reaches back to all historical instances of absurdity from Dada sound poems to Gordon Matta-Clark cutouts.
While there’s not much to read in this four page zine, its material quality — nostalgic vanilla paper and typography — makes it a cute and kitsch little artifact echoing back to the pamphlets of by-gone avant-garde groups. (Annie Wong)

Zine, 4426 Island Highway South, Courtenay BC, V9N 9T1, $5 (includes shipping)

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