It takes a village to raise a child, and nearly as many people to create a great underground comic. Seventeen different contributors put their disturbing artistic, layout and editing skills together to create the third issue of Yuck!. With full-colour card stock cover and black-and-white interior, this quality comic is filled with the lowbrow eccentricities that appeal to a variety of tastes, with each story ending in a dark and funny punch line. Some highlights of this issue include C. Collins and R. Thomson’s expertly rendered story, “The Lonely Ballad of Pistol Nipples,” about a sharp-shooting cowboy with — wait for it — pistols for nipples! Then there’s Dexter Cockburn’s X-rated take on the The Twilight Zone, “The Erogenous Zone,” featuring Fudster Pudwhacker engaging in some borderline necrophilia. Other stories include a courtship with Bigfoot, a telepathic test of wills with a grape, a homicidal hitchhiking gone wrong, and a monster and a zombie girl thrown in for good measure.
I think the summary for “The Greatest Exploitation Film of All Time” written by James Andre and illustrated by Luke Pickett sums up this comic zine the best: “Got up early Sunday morning to write the greatest exploitation film of all time!” That is exactly what this comic feels like. (Carrie. Q. Contrary)

Comic, issue three, edited by Mr. Slime, Milk Shadow Books, milkshadowstudios.com

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