Guerrilla gardening: Get started with seed bombs and seed pills


For some, a tree pit or a neglected strip of dirt may seem insignificant, but for so-called guerrilla gardeners, these spaces offer ample opportunities for literal growth. Guerrilla gardeners are those who choose to cultivate and co-opt under-utilized communal spaces. This practice can take many forms. Some gear up in the middle of the night armed with a shovel and seedlings to engage in secret (and technically illegal) gardening. Others may employ a more casual approach and simply carry seeds with them on the regular, that they may spread them around on any vacant land they see.

The movement has been around for decades, but still today new folks are discovering the joy of bringing beauty, fresh food, and clean air into neglected spaces. Of course, if you take up guerrilla gardening, be mindful of the ethics at play — are you sure no one is using this space? Are you in a neighbourhood that’s not yours? Are you aware of the treaties governing the relationship of settlers, Indigenous folks, and land? Also be aware not to introduce foreign or invasive species. When you’ve thought through these issues, you’ll start seeing potential gardens everywhere!

Seed bombs and pills

Seed bombs are a common weapon of choice that guerrilla gardeners employ as a fast and easy means to plant on the go. Traditionally, seed bombs, which stem from early 20th-century Japanese gardening practices, are created from a mixture of clay, compost, and seeds. The dried clay acts as a hard shell protecting the young seedlings until it is thrown at the ground and cracked open to disperse seeds, hence the name seed bomb.For those who are interested in using seed bombs or want to start guerrilla gardening, but are wary of carrying around a wad of clay, compost, and, seeds — that can be a messy deal — non-profit organi- zation The Subversive Gardener has adapted this concept to a slightly cleaner and more efficient version: the seed pill.

Seed pills are biodegradable vegetarian capsules repurposed to hold organic materials and seeds. The seed pill is intended to be placed, dropped or thrown on the ground by the user. They’re small enough to fit in with your vitamins, pill box or in your pockets, so you can always be prepared to plant at a moment’s notice.

This recipe for seed pills is simple and fast, so that you can make on-the-go seed pills and get planting! Check it out below: