Paula Toledo – Stay Awhile

Music is business. People rely on it to stay employed and pay the bills. And yet I still feel uncomfortable about the press attached to Paula Toledo’s debut album which seemed far too focused on her success in finding film and television placements for her songs, not to mention the prominence of her ad for a guitar manufacturer. Of course, that puts her in excellent company with Bob Dylan, who put his name on guitars and, more infamously, lingerie. Of course, he was already widely known before he gave his endorsement to the aforementioned products. It seems strange for someone to gain renown for an appearance in advertising before they have released their first album. It makes you wonder how many of the songs were written with the idea that they could be sold to advertisers or television producers at a later date. Paula Toledo is certainly talented and her singing voice is enviable, but the music seems just a tad saccharine in light of the very cynical way in which it’s being marketed. Very definitely heart-wrenching. (Karyn Bonham)

CD, Socan/Holy Toledo Productions,