Zine Review: Fagpunk

Erotica zine, #12, [email protected], $2 or some stamps

Fagpunk is an ongoing project based out of Guelph focusing on hot erotica about  punks, skinheads, radicals, and other stuff in that wheelhouse. As the editor  mentions in the introduction, they are “slowing in [their] age, producing a more quality product at a slower rate.”

And it’s true, it’s a well designed zine, clean and legible but still with a high-contrast punk aesthetic, replete with skinhead images nabbed from online. You  can tell the amount of work that goes into this, with hand cut pages lending a full-bleed effect and strategically placed imagery.

There are five stories in the zine, and despite the fairly specific theme, they’re a  great variety of scenarios — an conflicted older punk fucking a young poseur, two buds taking a motorcycle ride into the woods, a guy spying on horny construction workers. They could easily be generic or interchangeable, but they’re all genuinely hot and well written. They even maintain the occasional near-poetically placed typo or cheesy moment that is almost required for erotic fiction. Perhaps the highlight of the zine is a single-page fantasy about an absent lover, and getting him off “to the sound of my carefully selected hardcore albums and finally surcumming to bliss to my epic crust records.”

Short, sweet, hot, and well-crafted. Bravo, Fagpunk. (Jonathan Valelly)