Zine Review: Leave Return



Comic, Christopher Green, mumblethief.tumblr.com, [email protected], $1


This pious little effort from Christopher Green may have religious overtones or perhaps it’s referring to God/god in the abstract. Either way, this pint-sized comic is less about He/She/it and more about the journey, playing on the commands “Leave” and “Return” to dictate the comic’s overall theme.

There isn’t much more to say – the comic isn’t very long, but in its few short pages it does touch on urban-versus-rural living, searching, and other fundamentals of everyday life. The drawings are just fine and Green has a likable, pretense-free aesthetic that doesn’t demand too much out of the reader. Instead, it relies on the tried-and-trued impact of crisp clean renderings, reasonably detailed landscapes and bodies in motion. (Cam Gordon)