Zine Review: Seawitch #11

ZINES_Seawitch 11 (CJ)
Seawitch #11
Clementine Morrigan, clementinemorrigan.com, $3

It is difficult for us all to welcome feelings of self-reflection and to question the patterns existing in our lives. Clementine Morrigan, the writer, artist, and self-described witch, has created an opportunity for us to exercise honesty and compassion with the newest edition of their long-running zine seawitch. seawitch #11 is a free-form personal dialogue on learning to heal, getting to know your body, questions about the content and direction of your life, biphobia, gender, and madness. Clementine does a masterful job of walking through complexity, of unpacking the decisions we make about the way we exist in the spaces in our lives and about what they need to get through. Though the zine can be hard to read, as Clementine creates imagery and narrative about trauma, it also feels like a rare gift. Their stories about struggle and power create a booming voice which asks us all what it would mean to radically own our own stories, to truly work to understand ourselves. (CJ Blennerhassett)