Excerpt: Home Zine

Australia’s Home Zine is “A zine about the people, places, feelings and spaces that we call ‘home’.”

This simple concept allows this comics and illustration project to tell part of a complex, dense story with dozens of authors across three issues.

In Issue 75 of Broken Pencil, we excerpt just a few pages from Issue 3 of the zine, available for purchase here. This issue’s theme is people, following the previous editions of places and objects. It is the the third and final issue of Home Zine. Thinking about the people we surround ourselves with, and those we attach to memory, to feel at home.


EXCERPT_Home Zine_Nyssa Sharp

Nyssa Sharp


EXCERPT_Home Zine_Louise Reimer

Louise Reimer


EXCERPT_Home Zine_Brie Moreno Robert Bowers

Brie Moreno and Robert Bowers