Indie Writers' Deathmatch

All Tarted Up

Indie Writers’ Deathmatch Quarter-Finalist 2009 “Better hide those dog biscuits if you’re comin’ home pissed, ya fat cow,” said Carol, […]

Hold Your Hand

Indie Writers’ Deathmatch Quarter-Finalist 2009 Have you ever walked in a busy mall and suddenly a kid is walking beside […]

Isn’t He Fantastic

Indie Writers’ Deathmatch Runner-Up 2009 “Have you seen my cell phone charger?” I screamed over the industrial strength hair dryer. […]

There are Two i’s in Wii

Indie Writers’ Deathmatch Champion 2009 “I fucked your mother.” It’s what a lot of people say as a mean joke. […]

Deathmatch Prize Update!

Indie Writers Deathmatch short story contest breaking news! We’ve sweetened the pot for our winner! The writer who wins Deathmatch […]

The Deathmatch Returns!

Broken Pencil’s annual short story contest is back for blood! Every year we receive hundreds of submissions for the Indie […]