Indie Writers' Deathmatch

Announcing: Guest Judge Jenn Woodall!

Jenn joins the Indie Illustrator’s Deathmatch! That’s right folks! The acclaimed creator of Girls, Ghouls, Magical Beatdown and more is […]

Deathmatch Deadline One Week Away!

The Indie Writers Deathmatch deadline has been extended until January 15, so there is still one more week to submit your […]

Last Day to Enter the Deathmatch!

The Indie Writer’s Deathmatch Submission deadline is today at 11:59PM. The Deathmatch is for the short stories that come from the scabby hole […]

Deathmatch Deadline One Week Away!

December 31st is the last day to submit short stories to this year Deathmatch. With press editor Veronica Liu, agent Sam […]

Deathmatch Finals Week Day 2 Recap

We are almost halfway through the final week of the 2017 Indie Writers Deathmatch. Currently, P.D Walter’s Sick to Death […]

And Then There Were Two.

Would you confess to a crime you didn’t commit? Would you leave everything you’ve known to find yourself? Decide. Vote. […]

Deathmatch Gets Real

The strange slithering has become an all-consuming roar. As we survey the scene, a pair of homocidal teens take on an art-inclined […]