Burgomasterpiece Theatre: Checkmate

‘Sor Juana & Other Monsters’ is a comical and tragic treatise

‘A Western World’ is utterly masterful

‘Red Winter’ a cold, brooding tale

Musica Obscura’s essays straddle genres

‘rib and instep: honey’ hits high notes

‘How to Make an English Exam Interesting’ is gold

Hedge’s poetry is arresting

‘VII’ will have you nostalgic for your Cartoon Network childhood

The KKK in Kanada, Part 1

UC Davis Zine Pushes Back on Prison Clichés

Sunday Morning

Folie à Deux is a pleasantly difficult reading experience

Mushroom lovers near and far, we’ve found the book for you!

Pantyhoes Collective celebrates five years

Found Fruit: DIY rediscovers urban foraging

The game Gilbert plays with that history is refreshing in The Journal of the Main Street Lodge, Vol.2

Folio: Tara Cooper’s nautical, mixed media compositions

‘The Butcher’ zine excels in its use of collage, especially imagery

‘Gary’ is just a guy stumbling through life like the rest of us

‘Welcome to the Daily Life of Tabistacs’ is an open invitation to revisit the ordinary

Why Write Zines? by Carrie Colpitts

‘Waiting Without Waiting’ may not technically be a zine, but it’s still worth a look

To read ‘From Lone Mountain’ is to slow down, breathe, and take a break from a hyper-digitized world

Issue #80

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