‘VII’ will have you nostalgic for your Cartoon Network childhood

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Thom, 160 pgs, Pow Pow Press, powpowpress.com, $22.95

Sign me up for an animated short of Thom’s first novel, VII, because I am thoroughly entertained. The wordless comic story follows author Titus Caropin, an anthropomorphized rabbit, who is struggling to finish the seventh installment (hence the title VII) of his best-selling book series. For his biggest fan, Death, the prospect of no sequel is a no-go — who knew the Grim Reaper was such a book-worm?

It’s easy to see why Thom was shortlisted for the first-ever Prix des libraires du Québec for best comic. His characters are lively, his storytelling tight, and his art and plot shenanigans have me nostalgic for days spent watching Cartoon Network. I’m amazed this is Thom’s first book, and here’s hoping there are more to come.

Image result for vii by thom comic artImage result for vii by thom comic art