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The most exciting zine fair is returning to Toronto AND Ottawa! Register today to join this uncanny smorgasbord of zines, art, comics, discussions, workshops and surprises!

Call for Submissions: FiiLTHY GLO ZiNE ISSUE 3

THEME:: TRANSPiRE DEADLINE:: August 18, 2024 FG headquarters encourages you to hit us with some fiilth ((art)). We value new-fangled […]

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Spring Canzine 2024 is ALIVE! ALIVE!!!

It’s time to enter the ZINE ZONE. From April 13th to the 21st, support independent artists and zinesters at the biggest online zine fest across all time and space!

Who is the REAL Psycho Goreman?

Despite only recently encountering Earth and its cultures, the medium of comics hasn’t been lost on the “Arch-Duke of Nightmares.” We speak with Psycho Goreman’s caretakers about his new graphic adventures.

The Tide Turns in Time

How Michael Novick and his street action political zine Turning the Tide evolved to put radical media in the hands of the people.

404: VICE Not Found

As digital media burns, can independent media restore faith in reporting in the already unbelievable technology beat? Former Motherboard staffers are hoping to cover the future before the future consumes us whole.

In the Beginning was the End: 50 Years of Devo

Like the oscillations on an energy dome, the de-evolution doctrine of some geeky Akron, Ohio punkers has echoed for generations, inspiring underground art scenes for most of a century. This is the story of art and Devo.

Remembering Ian Ferrier

By the sound of Ian’s voice, we were drawn into inclusion. It could reach a boom-level in his most explosive poetry, but as the beloved host of countless Words and Music shows, and not only those, his voice kept a signature hushed tone as though inviting us closer to the wonderful artist he’d invite to the stage.

Introducing Broken Pencil 101: Poster Boy

The internet is dying. Let’s give a toast. In our latest issue, we speak to online’s baddest boy: Dril. Learn about art, philosophy, logging off, all that garbage. Plus floods, rugs, Stooges and the winners of the Zine Awards!