Thunderous Feminism: The Legacy of the Northern Woman Journal

On printing day of the famed Thunder Bay feminist publication, one woman would type on an electric typewriter while volunteers spread the issue’s pages on the counters and stools of what was formerly a Finnish restaurant — still smelling of the fryer oil.

Call for Submissions: Little Guts

Hey there Little Ghosts… Have you ever wanted to write a gooey, a slimy, and absolutely batshit short story!? We’re […]

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Error State

By skot deeming Somewhere on the cover of this issue is a code. A pixelated square that at first glance looks […]

Editor’s Note

By Lindsay Gibb I want to write a love letter to the library. A big part of this desire comes from […]

The Fishermen and the Goose

By Patrick Horner Indie Writers’ Deathmatch 2010 Semi-Finalist Harold wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his t-shirt […]


By Amy Dupcak Indie Writers’ Deathmatch 2010 Semi-Finalist I never told anybody, but under the stage are four “rooms.” Without walls […]

Three Dudes, Some Drugs, and a Bear

By Jordan Abel Indie Writers’ Deathmatch 2010 Runner-Up By the time the acid took hold, we were halfway to Edmonton. Tommy […]


By Martha Grover Martha Grover is currently a student in the creative writing MFA program at the California College of Arts […]

The Rabble of Downtown Toronto

The following pages are an excerpt from my latest comic, The Rabble of Downtown Toronto. If you’re familiar with my […]

Zine Philosophy

Zine Philosophy By Andrea Manica