Heartless HA-HA

Comic, Iain Ramsay,  [email protected], $5 + $5 postage

If you had a certain kind of dad, you  might be familiar with  Truly Tasteless  Jokes. Growing up, there were a bunch  of these thin volumes by Blanche Knott  in my house, relics from the early ’70s.  They were my number one source for  jokes about bestiality, dead babies and  (poor, poor) Helen Keller, memorized  to shock and horrify my junior high  classmates. The four-panel comics in  this collection have a similar sensibility,  if light-hearted stories about cannibals  and stabby chimpanzees can be  described as having a “sensibility.” The artwork in  Heartless HA HA  reminded me a lot of Dr. Katz Professional  Therapist, with the characters’ huge  round eyes and squiggly outlines, but  that is where the similarities end. The  content is crude but this collection  would probably be a hit at your brother’s  12th birthday party. (Mary Green)

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