This is a quarterly publication which presents ways for women to organize through the Internet, to form networks of contacts, spread their points of view and become more effective activists. Although many of the articles have strong how-to elements, most of them are at the same time very personal stories. For example, there’s the story of the Welcome to the Amazon website, dedicated to tracking alternative therapies for breast cancer, founded after the author was pressured by her doctor into having a mastectomy which later turned out to have been pointless. There’s a story on the process of getting a website off the ground, related as anecdotes from the construction of the Boston Women’s Web. There is an examination of Internet resources for fighting economic globalization and a recounting of how the Canadian Women’s Internet Association came to be. Do you want to start a mailing list? Do you want to know what a Web-ring is? Do you want to know how women around the globe are using this technology to get around barriers that have been in place for centuries? Women’space is a good place to start.

magazine / Volume 2, Number 3, 36 pages / publisher: Women’space / main creators: Scarlet Pollock, Jo Sutton (coordinating editors) / $4.95 / RR #1, Scotsburn, NS, B0K 1R0, email: [email protected]

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