July Zine Awards Entries

With the extension for the Zine Awards, you now have 10 more days left to submit your very own zine for the chance to win cash prizes!

While you finish prepping your zine for submission, take a glance at some of the many entries we’ve had in the past week, and get some inspiration from some of these entries coming in from Manitoba, Illinois, Texas, BC, Quebec, Alabama and even Singapore!

Closet Implosions #1 – Jackson Heights, New York
Forest Grim – Singapore
Cuidando – Jackson Heights, New York
I don’t want to talk about my feelings – Vancouver, BC
Chance Poetry in the Right Place – Toronto, Ontario
Into the Sun – Tucson, Arizona
The Awkwardly Long Book of Autobio Comics About Being an Anxiety Ridden and Depressed Person – Glenview, Illinois
Minigolf – Baltimore, Maryland
The Dream Issue – San Antonio, Texas
My Year in the Dark – Toronto, Ontario
Almost Everything but a Cat – Vaughan, Ontario
Boys Tears Mag #1 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dream Zine – Denver, Colorado
Microzine of Microagressions – Austin, Texas
Stony Coops Issue 4 – Winnipeg, Manitoba
100 Days of Bulimia – Vancouver, BC
Fish Person – Victoria, BC
Le*ve – Seattle, Washington
Bone Zine – Calgary, Alberta
Just Another Self Portrait – Montreal, Quebec
Guada Sauce – Gainesville, Georgia
GLXTCH Issue 3 – Brooklyn, New York
So You’re Anxious as Fuck – Hamilton, Ontario


The July 15th deadline is approaching quickly, so don’t waste anymore time submitting your zine!