Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos

So, you know how sometimes zinesters write apologies in their intro for taking so long to put out the latest issue? And I’m always thinking, “Just shut up and show me the rest of your zine.” Well, this author has the best excuse ever — a van crashed into his house. He had to vacate the place for six months while the mess was cleaned up. I can’t say I envy him, but it’s a pretty good excuse for being behind on things.
I’ll be honest, I Googled “Rastapopoulos” to figure out what it meant and I found that he’s a character from Tintin. You may be interested to know that he has his very own Facebook profile. Don’t let the title’s language fool you, though — this zine is written entirely in English. While it’s perhaps not the sorta zine that I would normally pick up on my own, I really enjoyed it. The author writes about strange pieces of history, like William Topaz McGonagall being declared the worst poet in the world, and The Faroe Islands forming their own FIFA-recognized soccer team as a means of declaring independence from Denmark. Apparently, FIFA has 29 more members than the United Nations. Interesting. Carnets is created in the classic cut-and-paste style and the author encourages handwritten correspondence. (Amber Forrester)

Perzine, issue 7, 2-7 Larch St., Ottawa, ON, K1R 6W4