Monstrosity Vol. 1


Phil McClorey and Brian Evinou, editors, 200 pgs, Alterna Comics,, $14

Imagine a gaggle of award-winning independent comic book writers and artists from across Canada coming together to produce a monster-themed graphic anthology. Monstrosity is just that book. The anthology features the work of a number of comics heavy-hitters, including J. Bone (Batman: The Brave and the Bold), James Edward Clark (Evil Comics) and Noel Tuazon (Archaia’s Tumor), as well as with many of Canada’s rising stars in the comics field. Monstrosity delivers the nostalgia of B-movie horror, Universal Studios monsters, and grindhouse sci-fi all in one 200-page tome. Twenty tales from 30 creators each serve shockingly different styles and takes on the monster theme. There are witches being rescued by a group of wellmeaning bumbling idiots during the Salem witch trials, space worms burrowing into various solar systems, and grizzly bears riding motorbikes. It’s all here and it’s all presented at varying levels of intricacy. Some tales bear a stylistic resemblance to the kid mag Highlights Magazine, but with decidedly more sexual innuendo, while others play up those “one man vs. the world” action movie tropes. The high quality of the work shows the passion that went into it, stoking your appetite for each artist’s longer-form work — whether it be a graphic novel or ongoing series. This anthology is a great introduction to what comics can offer, and with Monstrosity Vol. 2 on the horizon, this is the perfect time to catch up. (Aaron Broverman)