Art Holes

Art Holes: Amiga 600

Illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham shows us his transitory, functional space, their gaming gear, and how much his workspace looks like the things he draws.

Art Holes: Boss Nass KFC Drink Topper

Cartoonist Alexander Laird gives us a tour of his goblin den, laying in wait for the right opportunity to watch Kevin Costner’s Waterworld.

Art Holes: Kreal’s Cartoon-Zone

“It’s been strange taking inventory of all this, I feel like a spoiled brat. And worse yet, an embarrassed spoiled brat.” From gas stations to animation, Kreal shows us where the magic is made.

Art Holes: Boo!

Horror artist Trevor Henderson gives us a peek at the nightmare factory.

Art Holes: The Realities of an Amazon Worker

The magic trick of Amazon is we never think about what happens between that one click and the package arriving on our doorstep. We’ve been happy to ignore the various corporate cruelties because we didn’t want to see them.

Art Holes: Under the desk

Under the desk by Zay Cardona     I bought a rug so that my work area would be more […]

Art Holes: Spaces of Resistance

Five illustrators offer snapshots from the front lines of political action in 2020 This section is typically where artists diagram […]

Art Holes: Homebound Edition

Around the quarantine clock with three creators at work in isolation. Nazlı Cem, Zovi Weng and Sid draw where they’re working.

Art Holes: Sybil Lamb

Art holes is a column where creators diagram their work spaces. This issue, Sybil Lamb gives us a look into […]

Art Holes: Billy Starfield

Art holes is a column where artists diagram their work spaces. This issue, artist Billy Starfield gives us a look. […]

Art Holes: Brie Moreno

Art holes is a column where artists diagram their work spaces. This issue, artist Brie Moreno gives us a look. […]