Essay is a relatively new lit magazine featuring non-fiction commentary in the form of long essays. This issue is dedicated to work from aboriginal communities. Essay tries to shift the balance between mere anger and accusation and sorrow, hoping to find salvation in honouring tradition while seeking new insights into the clash of cultures that is European and Native. Issue #3 is almost entirely taken up with a fairly long poem written in both English and Chinook by Terry Glavin called, “Rain Language” which is excerpted from his contribution to the anthology A Voice Great Within Us that will be published this year. (RT)

magazine, issue 3; Spring 1998 / main creators: Alex Rose, Mike Guy, Antonia Banyard / publisher: Dotcom Publishing Group / $ 4 or $16 for 4 issues / P.O. Box 91801 West Vancouver, BC, V7V 4S1,

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